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Aosta, Aosta Valey, Italy

After a short but splendid journey in Courmayeur and in the Aosta Valley we decided to finish our trip in Aosta, the principal city of Aosta Valley. 

The ancient inscriptions about Aosta reminds of a realy old town, situated almost in the middle of the region valley, situated not too far away from Courmayeur but not so close to Torino. 

As all Italian towns, Aosta has its special allure, completely surrounded by a Medieval history and Roman traditions allows you to discover essential signs of the Roman glorious period. The name of the city reminds of its founder the Imperator Caeser Divi Filius Augustus and of course of what he left behind: monuments, essential history traces and nevertheless a blooming and a prosperous Imperium.

The monuments and the traces are still present and will surely impress you with their charm, considering the time frame their gone through. 
The most important sign of the glorious period is the Praetorian Gate and Arch of Augustus. The Gate is located at the intersection of Via Sant Anselmo and Via Vevey and along it, the old city walls which are almost perfectly preserved. With its special location(on a roundabout) the Arch cannot be missed and can be admired from every angle. Another interesting attractions are: the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta dating back to the 13th century, Emile Chanoux.

Square with the City Hall, the theater, the not forgettable Sant Orso Collegiate Church, the forum Cryptoporticus and the last but not the least the megalithic 
area of Saint-Martin de Corleans.

Apart historic themes there are many other things that can keep you busy for the entire day, the wine lovers can  enjoy different wine varieties in the old and traditional wineries. In the summer time its even possible to discovery by yourself the wine trails which will lead you to the most vineyards from the region. The gourmans will not feel lonely at all and they were not forgotten, there are plenty special places here for them, a lot of restaurants with the 
local specific culinaries are waiting them here.

So if you are planning to make your vacation on the top floor of the Europe (Monte Bianco / Courmayeur) we would recommend you to take into consideration the 
Aosta city as a potential place where you can combine the Roman and Medieval history and the picturesque traditions with the uncontaminated landscapes.

The warmness of the surrounding people and Medieval monuments accomplished our expectation for our last day trip to Aosta city despite capricious and specific Spring weather in this region.

P.S. Is quite interesting to remind that it is a bilingual region so you don't need to be worried about your Italian language skills, you can freely speak French and sometimes English.

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